DREAM bigger, plan better, achieve more
Create your bestselling knowledge-based product

In less than 3 months you can start living off your dream business

If you’re an online entrepreneur, service provider, consultant or coach, looking to help more people within the time you have available, while generating more income in your business, then you probably know that you need to stop selling your time and start selling value.

One way to do this is to create your very own bestselling digital program.

Well, then I’ll go straight to the point…

After all, you’re probably looking for ways to maximize your time and go away from that 1:1 – which you might like doing, but let’s be honest here, how many customers (or clients) do you need to have every single day to bring home your desired income?

I’m almost certain that you know, that creating a digital course, mentorship program, retreats, online workshops (or whatever it is you light up to), is the key element that will allow you leverage your time, impact more people, and scale your business (to achieve true freedom).

Are you just starting your business adventure? Then know this: you too, can start your business by selling your knowledge through digital products.

Let me tell you something new

Even if you’re succesful in your consulting/coaching business, and even if you’re fully booked (hurray to you – yes, you deserve it), taking your knowledge and converting it into a digital product allows you to:


Increase your rates

Yes! Once you’re living off your bestselling digital product, you’ll gain a certain authority and increased visibility, positioning you as an expert. This will allow you to charge more for your precious and scarce 101 fee for VIP clients.


Generate consistent cash flow

You’re your own boss! You’ll no longer have to worry about how many clients you have a day. Instead you’ll determine when you open up for sales – giving you a steady cash flow – and freedom to scale your business whenever you feel like it.


Spend more time with those who matter

That’s right. With a digital product, you have the flexibility of working when it fits you (and your family), you’re able to create that balance you’ve been longing for and will no longer feel bad for not attending your kids’ school events or feeling guilty for having to take a time off (which you really much need).


Only work with projects (and customers) you choose

You’ve probably said yes to customers or projects before that weren’t really your cup of tea, right?
That stops once you start living off your digital product. You can say NO to projects you don’t feel like doing and to customers that drain you.

Eventhough going from 1:1 time-based offers to high converting digital products is the path forward, the process involved in actually identifying what the digital product could be and how to do it is not entirely straight forward.

Creating your bestselling digital product?

Yes, let’s do it!

…But where to start?

If you’re as serious about your business, as I believe you are, then you’ve probably had a moment where you said to yourself:

“Now I’ll do it!”

Then you almost frantic started getting your thoughts together about what your digital product could be, defined some of the contents, researched about platforms suitable for hosting it, went on Youtube in search of guidance regarding all the techinical gadgets that are recommended (perhaps even considered buying all that), and then… nothing else happened.

You got overwhelmed and that my friend, is a motivation killer. – Been there, done that.

3 reasons why most people don’t

succeed with a digital product

In order to achieve being a successful owner of a bestselling digital product, you need to have a concrete plan of what you want to create, how to do it and what makes sense for you, your business and your customers.

Having a step-by-step road map for you to follow, is what will give you all the tools, best practices and fail-safe system to successfully create and sell your bestselling digital product.


Unclear benefits and rewards

The one thing that keeps people from buying your products (either online or offline), is when the rewards and benefits aren’t clear enough.

Having a clear message is one of the fundamental pillars of you business. Even more so a digital product, because the likelihood that your ideal customer will call you to ask a feel questions are basically none.

A confused mind doesn’t buy. So make it very clear how your digital product can solve their burning questions (problems).


Not taking the project seriously enough

Well, creating a digital product is not something you only do on Sundays, after you put the kids to sleep.
It’s a commitment. And the best way for you to scale your business, is for you to take this project serious.
Like any serious projects, there’re steps to be followed. If you skip one, or done some of the final steps first, you don’t get results. – And even worse, you get overwhelmed.

Building a digital product is not difficult, but in order to achieve success, you have to follow a plan… and no, you shouldn’t start by defining the contents of you product, that’s step 3.


Dragging it for too long

My favorite quote, from a previous mentor: “Version done, is better than version perfect”.

This is so true. There 2 important things to avoid failure here:

1. Don’t reach for perfection. Your product will never be perfect – because you’re constantly evolving. So, are you one of those who has to proof read something 100 times before hitting “send”… it’s time to change that mindset, otherwise you risk, not ever being ready to launch. And by that, ending up frustrated. I don’t wish that for you.

2. You don’t need to put EVERYTHING you know into your product. Don’t overwhelm your customer… because you know what? An overhwelmed mind doesn’t buy either.

Here is a dirty little secret…

You’ve probably noticed that there’s more and more entrepreneurs, service providers, consultants and coaches doing online products. You’ve probably thought that they’re a lot better that you, right?

And you’re probably wondering right now:

“Yeah… but how long before I can be one of them?”

If I told you that you don’t need to have written a book, have had your business for ages to start selling your digital product, would you believe me?

If I told you that you can avoid the common mistakes that makes people give up on creating a bestselling digital product, have fun in the process and create your dream business, giving you the freedom to only work on the projects you choose, would you believe me?

Imagine this:

You define your framework (which is what your digital product should be about, it’s contents, rewards and price), you start selling your program and then you create all the different bits of it… That is my little secret: It is possible!

Scary? A little, in the beginning because this mindset is probably different that what you use in your business right now.

The key ingredient to do all this (define your framework, start selling and then build you digital product) is Dream Plan Achieve Mentorship Program.

Allow me to kindly introduce you to how you can achieve this.


In less than 3 months you have defined, developed and launched your

bestselling knowledge-based product and can start waving goodbye to those 1:1 sessions.

I’ve taken all my corporate and entrepreneurial experience and cooked up a program, I wish I had access to, when I started 6 years ago. I’ve packed the same methods I use in my own company, whenever I want to develop new digital products and scale my business.

Dream Plan Achieve is much more than an online training course, it is the implementation method you can use every time you wish to scale.

During the 12 weeks we work together, you’ll be able to implement my step-by-step method on how to define, develop and launch your bestselling product. You’ll learn the strategies, menthods and techniques to be more confident and effective in your daily work.

The end result is a well planned and easy to follow business road map, that will allow you to live a smooth running business, a more flexible everyday life and (the best part), only working with projects and clients you want to.

This is why I can give you this promise…

Hi, I’m Anelise Severinsen, a 37 years old Danish-Brazilian, married and a proud mom of 2 kids. My family has inspired me to ditch my fancy, high paying corporate career to go after my dream: being my own boss!

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and I love teaching – Dream Plan Achieve is my signature program, where you learn everything I wish I had access to when I started in 2014.

I’ve got a MSc. in Business Performance Management and have worked in some of the world’s most known Companies: Kodak, Embraer, Maersk, Vestas and Grundfos. – Giving me a vast professional experience to help you grow your business.

3 Fun Facts:

❊ I spend hours talking to my cocker spaniel,

❊ I have more than 60 plants at home,

❊ I love baking and making desserts – and have even considered entering a national competition in Denmark… perhaps next year.

Dream Plan Achieve is the first program that…


Is focused in helping you along the way

You not only have access to the e-learning library and the Facebook community, you also get my personal mentoring via HOT SEATS, where we dive deep into your challenges and make a plan to move you forward. You also get weekly Q&A’s and masterclasses to support your development.


Teaches you how to share your knowledge

The techniques to get you comfortable with the camera and developing your digital product in a way that fits you the best. You learn how to share your knowledge in a pedagogical and easy to learn way.


Changes your mindset on your own value

You learn to charge what you’re worth and not only that, you’ll own your price without being ashamed of it being “too high” nor doubting yourself. Yes, your customer will choose you for the expert you are.


Tech aid at your finger tips

Yes, you’ll need to know a few program to develop, market and sell you bestselling digital product, but you’ll learn to master those systems in an easy way, where we’ll only focus on what you really need to learn in order to get going. – Even if you’re no tech savvy.

This is what you get

Visualize your Digital Business

In this step, you begin to build a solid business foundation and become aware of your business goals.

Among other things, we work on:

  • The important factors in your life – and how to balance it all
  • What is possible for you, when you reach your goals
  • Hidden talents and how to use them
  • Why you want to (and will) succeed

From time based to value based business

In this step we on your mindset, to get you confident about your values, your price and that you’re already the expert your customer need.

Some of your achievements:

  • Find your internal hero
  • Own your value
  • Position yourself as the expert you are

Define your Bestselling Digital Framework

In this step we start defining your digital business, you’ll determine what and how you’re going to help more people, than you could before.

Some of your achievements:

  • Define your Framework
  • Make your irresistible offer
  • Maximize your earnings

Identify your tribe

Many people think that online marketing is about being present everywhere because “everyone is my customer”. In reality, it’s all about making some choices. Who do you want to attract?

In this step you will define your favorite customer (the customers you are happy with) – those are the customers you want more in your business and those who give you energy. 

Results from this step:

  • Define you tribe
  • Validate you ideal customer
  • Create valuable content for them

Set goals for success

This step gives your business financial overview and the opportunity to optimize your budget.

We’ll also work on setting goals to measure your success for the following 6 months, and to make it possible for you to live off your business.

Some of your achievements in this step:

  • Define financial goals
  • Optimize your budget
  • Identify scenarios for the following year and make a plan to realize it

6 Month Marketing Road Map

In this step we are all hands on deck regarding your marketing activities.

Not only you will start executing some of the strategies, but you’ll also make a simple (but effective) plan for the following 6 months – so your activity doesn’t fall short, when the mentorship program ends.

Some of your results:

  • Your channels
  • Tactical and operational plan for your marketing activities
  • 6 month marketing strategy to maximize your visibility and attract customers
  • Creating valuable content*

Ready, Set, Launch

You’re gonne get ready for flying… well, your business is.

This step is all about preparing you for launching your bestselling digital product.

Some of your achievements:

  • Your launch runway (step-by-step guide)
  • Prep for launch
  • Host the perfect, high converting, engaging webinar

Heart-based sales

You’re gonna love sales. You see, I didn’t like sales at all, but once my mindset changed and I realizes that sales is not about me and my products, but about helping my customers… everything changed.

You’ll learn how to conduct heart-based, human-to-human sales, that are impactful, meaningful and makes your customer choose you.

Your results in this step:

  • Warm up for sales
  • Growth mindset
  • Start selling

But wait… there’s more!

Bonus #1 - Facebook community

(A value of $1.200)

This community is not only a place for you to socialize with other “Achievers”, but the place where you get my feedback on your work, support from me and other cheering partcipants and where all our weekly Q&A sessions and pop-up masterclasses happen.

The community is there for you all the way through for 12 weeks, keeping you motivated and moving you forward.

The more active you are in the community, the more you get in return.

Bonus #2 - The Freebie Framework

(A value of $500)

The Freebie Framework will teach you to create irresistible lead magnets, your ideal customer will love.

It’s no longer enough to make e-books as a freebie. There’re so many options out there, and freebies that serve different purposes – yes, they all have in common serving as a lead magnet to increase your mailing list, but they’re much more than lead magnets. They’re the start of a great trust relationship between you and your customer.

Bonus #3 - Hot Seats

(A value of $1.500)

Hot Seat is a one-hour 1:1 mentoring session, that adds a deep level of focus to your business. During a Hot Seat session you and I take a deep dive into the elements you struggle with in your digital product creation. This is a unique opportunity to get my undivided attention to your business.

During every Hot Seat you get a concrete action plan to move forward in your business. Even if you’re not in the Hot Seat, you get a lot insight, that might help you along.

There are 3 Hot Seats sessions during the Mentorship Program and all “Achievers” can apply to all sessions. I’ll choose 3-6 participants for each Hot Seat.

14 day money back guarantee

Dream Plan Achieve is a complete and extensive mentorship program for business owners who are committed about creating a digital product, that will give them more freedom and higher income. This is for those, who want to make their dream business happen this year.

You’ll join Stepforward Academy and be part of a motivational environment, that is designed to move you forward – every single day.

I’ll grant you a 14 day day money back guarantee – meaning that, if you aren’t satisfied with your results, all you have to do is to show me that you’ve been committed to the program, done you ‘homework’ and that you’ve been active in our community.

If you still don’t feel confident and motivated to create you digital product, and if you don’t trust your ability to launch your bestselling digital product like a pro, reach out to me, show me you’re work and I’ll give you a refund of your investment.

Join Dream Plan Achieve today and get…

Dream Plan Achieve’s all 8 video modules including workbook for each lesson, ressources guide and swipe files that will allow you to create your bestselling digital course with confidence and prep for launching, while you still have me on the safe line.

Including the 3 exclusive bonusses:

Dream Plan Achieve course library

(A value of $1.250)

All 8 modules are available for you at your course library with video lessons, workbooks and swipe files.

Bonus #1 - Facebook community

(A value of $1.200)

A place to support you during the journey and for the weekly Q&A.

Bonus #2 - The Freebie Framework

(A value of $500)

The Freebie Framework will teach you how to create irresistible lead magnets.

Bonus #3 - Hot Seat Sessions

(A value of $1.500)

Hot Seat is a one-hour 1:1 mentoring session, that adds a deep level of focus to your business.

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $4.450!
(Which is not much compared to the value you can make on your first launch).

But because I’m really excited to welcome you to Stepforward Academy and to the growing group of go-getter entrepreneurs, that are selling their knowledge through digital products (and creating a life they love waking up to), I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll to Dream Plan Achieve Mentorship Program TODAY, at this special promotional price of just

Dream Plan Achieve is the perfect match for you if…


You're a coach, consultant, therapist or any other knowledge-based service provider


You wish to create more freedom in your business and personal life


You want an alternative to your 1:1 sessions


You know you can help thousands of people through a digital product


You're ready for the next big step in your business


You don't mind having an extra pair of hands supporting you, while you develop your product


You want a mentor, that has walked the talk and know all the shortcuts of this journey


you are ready to show the world that you definitely mean business


Add your own statement here...

So… if any of those statements resonates with you, then I’m looking forward to personaly welcome you to Dream Plan Achieve and to follow your journey towards the great success your own program will be.

Meet some previous ‘Achievers’…

In one month, I earned more than I did in the previous 7 months

I earned more than $14.000 in the first 4 weeks. It’s more than I’ve earned the previous 7 months of my business! Dream Plan Achieve has been a good investment for me, which has already payed itself back many times. The last few months I’ve been living my dream business with more than 500 participants in my weight loss online program. 

I’ve had a stabil customer flow and earnings in my business ever since I started on Dream Plan Achieve back in April 2018.

Luuna Sommer – Nutritionist & Lifestyle coach

I have changed my mindset towards digital marketing

I’ve changed my mindset towards digital marketing. The coolest thing is that, I used to think that marketing was annoying, and now I enjoy following the results of my activities. I can see my social media posts have a higher reach – and I do get customers via my marketing.

My business foundation is clear and networking with likeminded entrepreneurs gives me a boost.

I’ve recently started helping dads, that are in the middle of a divorce via a group program. 

Ann Pedersen (Lawyer)

I have changed my mindset towards digital marketing

As a newly started entrepreneur, it’s a jungle to find the right solution for your business and online marketing.

I had tried a little bit of everything without big results.

It’s been tough during Dream Plan Achieve, to acknowledge my weaknesses, but I have learned to use both my weaknesses and my strenghts in my Pernsonal Branding.

My business is going in the right direction and I’m launching a new concept, that involves online training for people that aren’t ready for a bootcamp at their local fitnesscenter.

Christina Bendix – Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist

Get started today

Oh yes! I’m ready to get started, knowing that I’m fully protected by a 14 day money back garantee

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