Hey there,

Anelise Severinsen here

I help entrepreneurs and small business owners to create amazing products, so they can sell their knowledge through their bestselling online program.

If you desire to build a business that makes it possible for you to spend more time with your family, build a big(ger) customer base without selling out, while a flexible  business that grows then I can definitely help you.

I am expert in giving you an overview of your business, so you can identify what makes sense to put in a digital product and what you want to be known for. My goal is to help you create, launch and sell your bestselling digital product, so you can ditch (at least part of) your 1:1 business.

From a high paying corporate job to being my own boss

I’ve always been ambitious and determined to go after my dreams. And I worked hard to get the jobs I did.

But when I became a mom, everything changed. Something else became more important than those many hours I spent working and travelling the world. I was lacking a work-life balance.

When I finally decided to start my own business, I just promised myself I would not work as much.

Oh boy, I was SO wrong. 

Working on the things I love was motivation enough to make me sit in front of the computer from 5 am till 11 pm – with a few breaks along the day, to take care of my kids.

When my oldest was 5 years old, and after seeing a drawing of our family (and mommy was always working), I had a change of heart. 

That’s when I realized I was failing at that one thing I held dearest: spending more time with my family.

I changed the whole foundation of my company, started saying no to demanding projects, and saying yes to more of the things I was passionated about, which helped me towards the free lifestyle I wanted – and have today.

With a working load of 25 hours/week and 10 weeks vacation/year, I teach entrepreneurs how to build a business that creates work-life balance, while positioning themselves as experts.

I believe… 

Everyone can create growth through their passions, mine are:

1. To be there for my kids, when they need me. If my family is happy, it’s easier for me to achieve success in my business.

2. To help my customers to create growth in their business, by being themselves. To show them that they have potential and to guide them get there. 

3 cold facts

❊ Msc. In Business Performance Management from Aarhus University (Denmark)

❊ More than 17 years of experience from Eastman Kodak Company, Embraer, Maersk, Vestas and Grundfos

❊ 5 years of teaching upcoming entrepreneurs on how to start their business, price their products/services and how to use digital marketing strategically.

3 fun facts

I spend hours talking to my cocker spaniel,

I have more than 60 plants at home,

I love baking and making desserts – and have even considered entering a national competition in Denmark… perhaps next year.

I will help you build a business that makes possible for you to spend more time with your family, build a big customer base without selling out, and build a solid foundation for a business that grows!

Don’t stop believing.


Anelise Severinsen

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